Course organiser

Dr. K Ramaswamy      FRCS

Address (Venue)

390 - 398 Balfour House,
High Road, Ilford, Essex.
United Kingdom.
IG1 1TL.
( Ilford is in East London )

Telephone Number
  - 020 8478 6100
( From overseas)
- 0044 2084786100
Mobile No- 07479338755
Email -

Latest News

PLAB 1 Course(3 weeks including weekends) :

1st Long course -
2nd January 2015 till 22nd January 2015.

2nd Long course -
21st January 2015 till 10th February 2015.

3rd  Long   Course 
11th February 2015 till 3rd March 2015.

1st Short course -
23rd January 2015 till 1st February 2015.

2nd Short course -
6th February 2015 till 15th February 2015.

3rd  Short   Course 
21st February 2015 till 2nd March 2015.

PLAB 2 Course Dates

10th December 2014 till 21st December 2014
3rd January 2015 till 14th January 2015
15th January 2015 till 26th January 2015
27th January 2015 till 8th February 2015
11th February 2015 till 22nd February 2015

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Brand New Mannequins to practice

7 Practice Rooms As many doctors have started coming to our course- we have expanded our practice area with 4 mannequin practice rooms and 3 examination practice rooms

Brand New PLAB 2 Hand Outs with all latest exam questions.

Up To Date Course with all latest exam scenarios.

Individual Attention given

SimMan Mock Test Only at Plabtrainer.

PLABTRAINER - THE LEADING, NUMBER ONE PLAB COACHING CENTRE - Most popular coaching centre & friendly environment. Majority (more than 85%) of the doctors attend our course. 

PLABTRAINER - LARGEST   TRAINING   CENTRE - With 18 rooms with all the facilities like class rooms, 4 practice rooms, all types of mannequins,Dining room, Prayer room, Mock test rooms.   Other courses have  just about 3 to 4 rooms.

HIGHEST  PASSING  RATE  - Professional training focussed on result. Amazing pass rates up to 100% on some of the days. More than 90 % of the doctors pass the exam first attempt. Doctors who had many years of career gap have passed PLAB exam in the first attempt after attending our courses.

PLABTRAINER - MOST EXPERIENCED COACHING CENTRE - We have been running this course for the last 10 years. Our teaching is not just the theory which you can find in any text books. Our teaching is exam oriented so that you know exactly what to do in the exam.

MANY COURSES UNDER ONE ROOF - We are not limited just to PLAB. We do have other important courses like ECG, NHS Orientation, Clinical assessment and MRCP - 1 Courses to help you to enhance your chances of getting jobs in the NHS Hospitals.

PLAB  AND  BEYOND - We do not stop at PLAB like other courses. We are at your service at all times. We guide you for finding job, CV writing,  Interview skills and train you  how to work in the NHS hospitals.

PLABTRAINER   –   A  HOME - A home away from home for the International Medical Graduates.  A main gateway into the NHS hospitals in UK.

Sim Man   ( Talking Mannequin )


SimMan is s new station in the PLAB 2 exam. PLATRAINER  is the only centre where this mannequin is available even to practice. Some courses do not even have this mannequin. It may be worth asking them whether they have this mannequin before you book the course with them.

Please note that our training centre is not a College and so is not approved by the UKBA. We do not sponsor student visa as we do not conduct any course of study. This is a PLAB tutorial centre. We do not conduct the PLAB exam. PLAB exam is conducted by the General Medical council of UK.

Beware of those courses who claim to have 100% passing rate. Candidates have attended our course after failing from those courses. Some of our old stuents have opened courses claiming that they have been very good teachers in our institution. Some of them even show the video when they were teaching in our instittuion. This video has been taken in our training centre. They do not have many candidates attending their courses. They may have just 2 to 3 candidates attending their courses. You may not find any study partners if you attend these courses. It may be worth asking them whether it is a new course and think whether you really wish to attend those courses or not.


WARNING : Our course materials are our copyright. Any one else using this materials in any form will be breaching the copyright regulations. It is a criminal offence. We do not hesitate to take action on them. If any other course organisers are using our course materials to teach in their courses you can let us know. You can give us a proof by providing us the video or voice recording. We do not hesitate to take action on the teachers who use our materials to teach in other courses.


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