Course organiser

Dr. K Ramaswamy      FRCS

Address (Venue)

390 - 398 Balfour House,
High Road, Ilford, Essex.
United Kingdom.
IG1 1TL.
( Ilford is in East London )

Telephone Number
  - 020 8478 6100
( From overseas)
- 0044 2084786100

Email -

Latest News

PLAB 1 Course(3 weeks including weekends) :

1st Long course -
2nd January 2014 till 22nd January 2014.

2nd Long course -
23rd January 2014 till 12th February 2014.

3rd  Long   Course 
13th February 2014 till 5th March 2014.

Next PLAB 2 Course

13th December 2013 till 24th December 2013
20th December 2013 till 4th January 2014
6th January 2014 till 17th January 2014
18th January 2014 till 29th January 2014
30th January 2014 till 10th February 2014
11th February 2014 till 22nd February 2014
23rd February 2014 till 6th March 2014
7th March 2014 till 18th March 2014

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  We are the leading and the most popular course for the PLAB 2. More than 85% of the doctors taking the PLAB 2 exam attend our course. We are at the " Top " is because we are the "Number one" coaching centre for the PLAB. We have the most up to date information about the exam.


SimMan (Talking mannequin)- This ia a new station in the PLAB 2 exam. We are the only course who has this mannequin in the training centre which is available even to practice. Some courses do not even have this mannequin. Many candidates had to attend our course after failing from other courses because they did not have this mannequin to practice. It may be worth asking them whether they have this mannequin before you book the course with them.

Beware - Some courses claim that they have 100% passing rate. But we get lot of doctors coming to attend our course after failing, attending these courses who claim that they have 100% passing rate.  Some courses also claim that they are leading course. If they are the leading course why do we get more than 85% doctors attending our course !!! These courses do not get even 4 to 5 candidates attending their course. Most of these doctors have been trapped by such course organisers in some forums. You can't even get other doctors to practice with as very few doctors attend these courses. Lot of doctors have left their course in the middle and came to join our course as they found it not good.

We advise you to find out from your friends which is the best and the most popular course before you book a place in the course      

PLAB 2 Course  Details


We have two types of courses for the PLAB 2

1)  Regular course  -12 days regular course 

2)  Weekend only course  -  ( 4 weekends ie - 8 days) 

Timings –

         9am till 7pm

 Topics Taught


 Introduction and orientation of the PLAB 2 exam. (by Mr Swamy)




Emergency Medicine


Clinical Examination in Medicine


Clinical Examination in Orthopaedics and Surgery


History and Counselling in Medicine


 History and Counselling in Surgery and Orthopaedics


 History and Counselling in Obstetrics and Gynaecology


History and Counselling in Paediatrics


History and Counselling in Psychiatry


 Advanced Trauma and Life support,


 Odd stations - Drug Prescription, Telephone conversation and   other miscellaneous topics like PEFR, Medical negligence.

Handling difficult and angry patients

Please note that the classes may not be held in the same order as mentioned above.

PLAB 2 Mock test details
We conduct two types of mock tests :

  1)   Full mock tests :   

Just like the GMC exam where we keep 14 stations of history taking, Clinical examination, Counselling and manikins, telephone conversation and Drug prescription. (Please note we keep only one manikin in the full mock test as everyone takes the  manikin mock test) 

  2)  Manikin mock test

All the manikins will be kept in the manikin mock test and only the manikins will be kept.

   Mock tests are held at different timings for different batches.

   Full mock tests  :   3 batches  - 1) 9.00am,  2) 10.45am,   3)12.30pm   

   Manikin Mock test :  2.15pm  

You can book only on available days and batches.

We strongly suggest everyone to take at least 4 mock tests  (3 full mock tests and 1 manikin mock test) to enhance their chance of passing the exam in the first attempt./p>

We advise you to take the mock tests near to your GMC exam date. Take your first mock test about 10 to 14 days before your GMC exam date and then keep at least one or two days gap between each mock test and also keep at least two days gap between your last mock test and your GMC exam.

You can choose your own dates from the list above.

You can take only one mock test per day as all the batches on a particular day will have the same questions.

   Mock test Feedback :

Mock test takes about one and a half hour to two hours.

There will be "Feedback" of the mock test in the evening after all the batches finishes the mock test.

There will be two types of feedback:

1)    General feedback

 All the candidates who took the mock test on that particular day (usually about 25 to 30 doctors take the mock test per day) will assemble in the evening and the mock test examiners will discuss all the mistakes done by all the candidates.

Usually the general feedback takes about 3 hours, (usually from 4.30pm till 7.30pm).

In the general feedback you will learn all the mistakes done by other candidates too.

2)     Individual feedback :

We do not give any places in the mock tests unless you have attended our coaching classes, as we get too many candidates doing our coaching class and we are not able to give places for our own candidates.

Once you pay and book the mock tests, there are no cancellations and we do not refund the money. You can postpone the mock test (provided there are places available on the day when you want to do the mock test) if you give us 3 days notice.

After the general feedback you can meet your mock test examiner who will give your personal feedback if you need.

Ideal time to take the class and the mock test

Classes should be done ideally about 6 to 7 weeks before the GMC exam date so that you will have at least 4 to 5 weeks to practice after the course, as there are nearly 300 stations to practice.

Mock test are not included within these 12 days regular course or in the weekend only course.  Mock tests need to be taken on separate days. Mock tests should ideally be taken about two weeks near to the GMC exam.

PLAB 2 -    Course Dates
12 Days regular course dates
 1.         11th          September       2014       till       22nd       September       2014
 2.         25th          September       2014       till       6th       October       2014
 3         9th          October       2014       till       20th       October       2014
4 10th October 2014 to 21st October 2014 Doctors getting the PLAB 1 result on 9th October can join this course
 5         23rd          October       2014       till       3rd       November       2014
 6         6th          November       2014       till      17th       November       2014
 7        19th          November       2014       till       30th       November       2014
8        10th          December       2014       till      21st       December       2014
9        3rd          January       2015       till      14th      Janaury       2015
10        15th          Janaury       2015       till       26th      Janaury       2015
Weekend only course ( for those who cannot attend 12 days course)
   1.    11th,    12th    18th    19th,    25th, 26th October and 1st     2nd    November    2014
   2    1st    2nd    8th,    9th,    15th, 16th 22nd  23rd    November   2104
   3. 29th 30th Nov 6th 7th 13th 14th 20th 21st December 2014
   4 3rd 4th 10th 11th 17th 18th 24th 25th January 2015
   5. 31st Jan 1st 7th 8th 14th 15th 21st 22nd February 2015

This is a 4 weekend course(8 days). This course is suitable for those who cannot attend the regular 12 days course. ( Please attend the regular 12 days course if possible as the passing rate is higher with those who attend the regular course).

We teach nearly 90% of the topics in this course.

Rest of the topics can be read from our hand outs.

All the important stations like Examinations ( including ATLS and Emergencies) and Mannequins will be covered.

Weekend only course fee will be £420.00 excluding the mock tests. Mock test fee will be £40.00 each. Full apckage is £550.00 icludoing course and 4 mock tests).

( Course fee from Jan 2015 will be £500.00 for the course and £25.00 for each mock test. Full package will be £600.00 which includes the course and 4 mock tests).

but there will be £30.00 discount if you take 4 mock tests.

( Course with four mock tests fee will be £550.00)

Any one interested in doing weekend only course, please send us an email at with your telephone number.

Next course dates after this will be decided after the exam dates are announced.

If you cannot the join the course from the start date, you can join the course in the middle and attend the missed classes in the next course.

 Mock test and Special class dates
Mock test dates for those doctors taking the GMC exam on 21st October 2014

Special class by Dr Swamy will be held on 15th October 2014. Timing - 9am till 9.30pm

Mock test dates for those doctors taking the GMC exam on 5th and 6th November 2014.

Special class by Dr Swamy will be held on 29th October 2014. Timing - 9am till 9.30pm.

Mock test dates for those doctors taking the GMC exam on 19th November 2014

Special class by Dr Swamy will be held on 14th November 2014. Timing -9am till 9.30pm

Mock test dates for those doctors taking the GMC exam on 25th and 26th November 2014
Special class will be held on 14th November 2014

Mock test dates for those doctors taking the GMC exam on 2nd 3rd and 4th December 2014
November and
1st December

Special class by Dr Swamy date will be held on 26th November 2014. Timing - 9am till 9.30pm.

    You can book the mock tests when you arrive at our centre to do the course.
    Please book the mock tests as soon as you start the course as it gets fully booked very soon.

Mock test dates for the later exams will be decided later.

PLAB 2 Course and Mock test fee

Full package
(includes - 12 days of teaching classes, teaching materials and 4 mock tests)

( Full package fee will be £550.00 for the course and 4 mock tests starting from Jan 2015 onwards but the course only fee will be £500.00 and 5 mock tests will be £50.00 ie- £10.00 per mock test)

  £ 550.00

Only 12 days of teaching coaching class with teaching materials. (without mock tests)

( course only fee will be £500.00 from Jan 2015 onwards)

  £ 420.00

Each mock test

( Each mock test fee will be £25.00 from Jan 2015 onwards).

  £ 40.00

Special offers - Free

You can repeat the class as many times as you wish and whenever you wish, free of charge, once you have paid the full fee for two years from the first day of your course. If the course fee has been increased, you just need to pay the difference in the fee until two years. After two years you need to pay the full fee.

Free manikin practice :

We do not charge for practicing on the manikins ( except in the supervised mannequin practice room where we charge £5.00 per day)

Free :  Internet facility.

Dining room and Prayer room facilities available.

Free space :  for practicing  Clinical examinations and History and Counselling stations.  We have examination couches to practice clinical examinations.

Coffee and soft drinks at discounted price.

( We have coffee and vending machine at the training centre itself).

Observe the mock tests for free : You can learn a lot from others by observing the mock tests.

Please note there is no refund once you have paid for the course or mock tests.

If you come late for the mock tests and miss the mock test - we will not be able to accommodate you in the next batches or any other day and there is no refund of the fee for that mock test.

You can change the mock test dates but cannot cancel the mock tests.(No refund)

Mock test dates can be changed only on giving two days advance notice.

We will not give any places in the mock tests unless you have taken our full teaching course.

Booking the course and the mock test

  You can book the  course over the telephone - Office tel number  - 02084786100 ( or you can call the mobile number - 07438009925  if the other line is busy) by giving your name, your telephone number and the course date.

 You need not pay for the course to book a place in the course. You will have to pay to book places in the mock tests. You can book the places in the mock tests when you are attending the course.  

 You can pay either by cash or cheque even on the first day of the course.

   If you wish to pay before attending the course :

Please send us a cheque payable to "PLABTRAINER LIMITED"  to the appropriate amount with a covering letter with your details ( Full name, tel number, address) and the course and mock tests dates to our address ( Plabtrainer, 390 - 398  Balfour house, High Road, Ilford, Essex. IG1 1TL) or pay by cash at our office on or before the course starting date.

   Please bring a passport size photograph when you arrive to our centre to do the course.

Contact us - Telephone - 0044 208 478 6100 (if you are callng from overseas) and - 020 8478 6100 (if you are calling from within UK)

Beware of those courses who claim to have 100% passing rate. Candidates have attended our course after failing from those courses. Some of our old students have opened courses claiming that they have been very good teachers in our institution. Some of them even show the video when they were teaching in our instittuion. This video has been taken in our training centre. They do not have many candidates attending their courses. They may have just 2 to 3 candidates attending their courses. You may not find any study partners if you attend these courses. It may be worth asking them whether it is a new course and think whether you really wish to attend those courses or not.

Warning : Our course materials are our copyright. Any one else using this materials in any form will be breaching the copyright regulations. It is a criminal offence. We do not hesitate to take action on them. If any other course organisers are using our course materials to teach in their courses you can let us know. You can give us a proof by providing us the video or voice recording. We do not hesitate to take action on the teachers who use our materials in other courses.

Copyright plabtrainer(swamy) © 2013. All Rights Reserved.